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December 3rd - Baked Arancini and Risotto (1PM - 3PM)

December 3rd - Baked Arancini and Risotto (1PM - 3PM)

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Rev up your recipe repertoire this fall with our revolutionary Arancini and Risotto workshop! In this workshop, participants will get a master class on all things rice as they prepare our signature baked arancini and autumn inspired risotto. Our chef instructors will share their industry secrets and techniques as they help their participants master arborio rice cookery and learn about all the magical recipes that can be made from it. You won’t want to miss out on this one!

What you will learn: 

  • The difference between short and long grain rice 
  • The importance of toasting your rice when making risotto 
  • The science behind the maillard reaction and why it’s important 
  • The definition of taste and flavour, and how to create flavourful dishes 
  • How to prepare baked arancini 
  • How to prepare creamy risotto 
  • How to prepare marinara sauce 
  • Proper knife skills and various cuts 
  • Stove top cooking techniques 

Take home: 

  • 8 freshly baked arincini in a take-out container 
  • 250ml of freshly made marinara sauce in a container 
  • 4 portions of an autumn inspired risotto in a take-out container