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Rooks to Cooks

Summer Camp - August 28th – Sept 1st: Creative Cooks Sweet & Savoury (For Ages 9+)

Summer Camp - August 28th – Sept 1st: Creative Cooks Sweet & Savoury (For Ages 9+)

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Inspired by our very popular Master Chef camp, we are pleased to introduce our newest program, Creative Cooks Sweet & Savoury. Just like our original Master Chef program, Creative Cooks Sweet & Savoury is all about teaching our students to be creative with food and ultimately cook and bake with their hearts more than their heads! We teach this by incorporating daily afternoon challenges and group recipe development exercises only offered by Rooks to Cooks. 

All our afternoon challenges are preceded with power house culinary and pastry theory meant to guide your master chef-in-the-making to success during their challenges. First and foremost, we build these challenges to be fun, while at the same time they are meant to motivate our campers to help them find their unique cooking style. Our goal is to have the challenges act as a platform for our chef-in-the-making, so they can soar as confident, creative and skilled young cooks.

In addition to the daily challenges, we will spend the mornings teaching our campers more advanced cooking and baking techniques and theory, helping them to build their knowledge and skill in the culinary and pastry arts. They will, of course, have hands-on practice through the preparation of 2-3 daily recipes excluding those completed in the challenges. These recipes will act as their daily lunch and take homes to share with the family. 

Objective: To teach our campers advanced culinary and pastry skills and knowledge while building their confidence in themselves and their abilities. Upon completion of this program, our campers will understand a wide range of culinary theories, how to use ratios and their foundational knowledge to cook without recipes, and have the skills and confidence to cook independently at home. 

Daily Challenges:

  • Monday - Vinaigrette Visionary 
  • Tuesday - Cupcake Wars 
  • Wednesday - Iron Chef 
  • Thursday - Chopped! 
  • Friday - Pop-up preparation 

 We recognize the potential in every camper and we know, if given the chance, each camper will shine as bright as the biggest professional chefs out there. Join us, sit back and watch the magic unfold! 

Menu Sneak Peek: Homemade Ricotta Gnocchi in a Lemon Cream Sauce, Strawberry and Cream Swiss Roll, Best Burrito Bowl with Avocado Cream and Crispy Tortilla Strips, Chocolate Babka Loaf, Maple Dijon Glazed Salmon with Zesty Couscous Salad 

This session can be modified to accommodate the following food allergens for certain menu items. Not all dishes can be modified. 

  • Meat
  • Gluten
  • Dairy
  • Egg