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Rooks to Cooks

Summer Camp - July 24th – 28th: Budding Bakers (For Ages 8 – 14)

Summer Camp - July 24th – 28th: Budding Bakers (For Ages 8 – 14)

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Budding Bakers is a fun and intensive baking camp built to engage your aspiring chefs with a passion for the sweet side of life. This program will teach our campers all the core baking techniques and theories, emphasizing the foundations of baking to provide a framework for them to build off of for years to come!

Each day we will focus on new pastry techniques and theories, ensuring your child gets a comprehensive education in the pastry arts. The campers will then execute recipes that utilize this new knowledge as they prepare their own lunch and various other baked goods to take home and share with the family. A wide variety of sweet and savoury bakes are featured in this program such as cookies, cakes, buns, bars, breads, loaves, pies, ice cream and more!

Leaving the program, our bakers-to-be will know a wide range of baking techniques, the science behind the ratios that make their baked goods so delicious, and, of course, the practical experience needed to recreate the magic at home! 

Objective: To teach our campers foundational baking skills, while building their knowledge and self-confidence in and out of the kitchen. Upon completing the program, campers will leave with the knowledge and skills to bake independently at home and share their brilliant bakes with the family for years to come. 


  • Lemon Loaf with Vanilla Glaze,
  • Stromboli,
  • S’mores Twix Bars,
  • Potato and Onion Boureka,
  • Chef Shai’s Signature Butter Tarts