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Rooks to Cooks

Summer Camp - June 26th – 30th: Around The World (For Ages 8 – 14)

Summer Camp - June 26th – 30th: Around The World (For Ages 8 – 14)

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Around the World is back again, and ready to take flight! This program will take our campers on a trip across the globe, visiting some of the most iconic food cultures in the world and featuring dishes from each cuisine. 

Around the World is THE destination for learning proper knife skills, cooking techniques, foundational pastry skills, and diverse cooking methods. Graduating campers will have expanded palates, open minds, an appreciation for other cultures and all the cooking skills and self-confidence to prepare and execute these vibrant recipes at home for your family.

Objective: To teach our campers fundamental life and cooking skills while introducing them to new foods and flavours from around the world. Through this program, they will develop a deeper appreciation for other cultures and their cuisines, as well as the practical cooking skills and knowledge needed to help prepare meals at home.

Buckle up for our summer 2023 Itinerary: 

  • Monday: Vietnam – menu sneak peek: Banh Mi Sandwiches
  • Tuesday: Middle East– menu sneak peek: Chicken Shawarma with Homemade Pitas
  • Wednesday: Japan – menu sneak peek: Sushi with Miso Soup
  • Thursday: Italy – menu sneak peek: Hand Cut Pappardelle with a Traditional Italian Ragu
  • Friday: Mexico – menu sneak peek: Mexican Street Corn and Homemade Corn Tortillas
This session can be modified to accommodate the following food allergens: 
  • Meat 
  • Gluten
  • Dairy 
  • Egg 
  • Sesame Oil