Rooks to Cooks Fundraiser: Cooking Class for Change

Rooks to Cooks Fundraiser: Cooking Class for Change

Rooks to Cooks is pleased to announce our upcoming live fundraising event, Cooking Class for Change! Join Chef Shai on July 4th from 11:00am – 1:00pm and learn to prepare her specialty Chocolate Lava cakes with candied nuts, caramel sauce and maple whip cream! This class is PAY WHAT YOU CAN and a great way to support Black Canadians. 100% of the proceeds will go to the Black Solidarity Fund. – 



The Black Solidarity Fund is a charity funnel that supports small and medium-sized charities throughout Canada. They include more than 40 charities that specifically support Black Canadians. These charities are advancing social services, economic opportunities, mental health supports, advocacy efforts, and access to education for Black Canadians. In addition, many of these charities are preserving and celebrating Black art and heritage!

Join Chef Shai in supporting the Black community while preparing this delicious menu of recipes! The time is NOW to do our part to end police brutality, anti-black racism and stand up for the value of black lives! IF YOU CAN’T MAKE IT PLEASE SHARE AND ENCOURAGE OTHERS TO REGISTER!


  1. Send e-transfer to with your desired amount (please identify the transfer is for “Cooking class for change”
  2. Send a screenshot of your e-transfer to
  3. Rooks to Cooks will email back with the Zoom link & recipes.

We hope you are able to join us to help create change!

Black Lives Matter. Always,

Chef Shai & The Rooks to Cooks Team

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