Virtual Culinary Fun: Cook, Learn, and Play from Home!
Virtual Classes are a fantastic and inexpensive way to experience the joy of cooking, learning and connecting with other foodie families, and act as an amazing opportunity to empower your chefs-to-be all from the comfort of your own home.
Our Program

Virtual workshops are conducted live on Zoom and led by some of our top chefs including our founder and president, Chef Shai.

✅ Following registration, 2 weeks prior to your workshop, you will be sent the Zoom link and program package inclusive of detailed grocery lists, prep instructions and recipes. Vegan and gluten-free substitutions have been pre-listed to ensure all families can participate.

✅ Registration is conducted by household and the cost is only $15.00! Space is limited, so you will want to secure your spot asap to avoid missing out!

Our Virtual Workshops
Check back here for engaging online cooking classes and book a culinary adventure from the comfort of your home. Perfect for budding chefs of all ages!