Rooks to Cooks is an innovative cooking school based out of Toronto, Ontario. It was founded by Chef Shai Mandel in 2015 as an extension of her services offered since 2014. Rooks to Cooks was developed to be first and foremost student-centered and flexible. We know that each student is unique with their own learning goals. For this reason, we make sure that any course, class or program offered through Rooks to Cooks accommodates all students and their individual needs. Our mission is simple: we will empower our students to become more independent by building self-confidence and supporting self-expression through teaching food literacy and culinary education. The programs offered by Rooks to Cooks began with in-home private lessons and have now expanded to include 15+ locations of children’s cooking day camps in the summer, virtual cooking classes and courses, in-home birthday parties, after school programs, school workshops, PA day camps, and March break camps. Since many of our programs are mobile, Rooks to Cooks assures that no matter where you live or how hectic your schedule is, our programs and services will be accessible. We recognize that learning new skills, especially cooking, can be intimidating; that’s why we build our programs to be fun and inviting, as well as intensive. Our programs and services always emphasize themes of healthy eating, and teach our students how to live a fulfilling healthy life. No matter your age or skill level, Rooks to Cooks is your recipe for success! To date Rooks to Cooks has had the privilege of teaching over 7000 children!