Pop-Up Restaurant Experience
Join us at our unique Pop-Up Restaurant, where our talented campers showcase their culinary skills in an unforgettable dining experience.
Our upcoming Pop-Up restaurant nights
Inside our Pop-Up Restaurant
Watch our campers transform into chefs and hosts in this captivating showcase, bringing their culinary dreams to life in our vibrant pop-up restaurant event.
Culinary showcase

Campers create and serve a 3-course meal with mocktails in our unique pop-up restaurant, taking on roles from chefs to hosts, providing an unforgettable and authentic dining experience for family and friends.

Don't Miss Out

Pop up is an event you won’t want to miss out on. Early bird tickets are $25.00/person which can be purchased online up to 2 weeks prior to the start of your session. Ticket purchases made 2 weeks or less from the start of your session increase in price to $35.00/person.

  • Please be sure to select the tickets that match your child’s camp date.
  • Each guest will receive a mocktail, bread course, appetizer, main and dessert with the purchase of a ticket. 
Once all the guests have been served, we will conduct a graduation ceremony where each camper will receive a graduation certificate and session badge, commemorating their accomplishment. After all the campers have been called upon, our chefs will conclude the ceremony and bid farewell to the campers and their families.
Grad Badges
At our culinary camp graduation, campers receive unique badges symbolizing their achievements. Each badge, reflecting culinary skills and creativity, is a cherished token of their journey and success in our program.