• At the end of each week (except for the 4-day weeks), Rooks to Cooks transforms into our world-renowned pop-up restaurant, “Petit Chefs”.

    Campers have the unique opportunity to invite their family and friends to partake in a 3 course meal that they will create from start to finish! At Petit Chefs, our campers run the show working as the servers, bartenders, hosts, and chefs. Think a Friday night at a restaurant, but all the employees are children. All of the food and beverages served at the restaurant are 100% in house made by the campers themselves. 

    Once all the guests have been served, we will conduct a graduation ceremony where each camper will receive their certificate and session badge, commemorating their accomplishment. After all the campers have received their badges and certificates, our chefs will conduct the “Chefs of Honour” awards, a ceremony where four special campers will be honoured, one for each of our “honourable” qualities; Spotless (very neat, tidy and clean), Kindness (very kind, team player and supportive to others), Passionate (dedicated, passionate and hardworking) and All Star (very skilled camper).  Once all the badges, certificates and chefs of honour have been awarded, our chefs will conclude the graduation ceremony and bid farewell to the campers and their families!

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Due to the nature of the program and/or the week, there will be no Pop up Restaurant for the weeks of July 3rd - 7th and August 8th - 11th.


    They will showcase their new skills as they prepare and serve a 3 course tasting menu all on their own.


    Campers take on the roles of chefs, bartenders, hosts and servers, making this a night to remember for everyone involved.


    The dining experience ends with a ceremony where campers will get a badge honouring their accomplishment of that session along with a certificate. We are also going to be holding a Chefs of distinction ceremony in which 4 campers will be identified for the exhibition of stellar qualities – Spotless, Kindness, Passionate and Skill.


    Reservations for family and friends must be made 5+ business days prior to the start of your child’s camp; there will be a prix fixe menu with a set price of $25.00 per person. Act fast and secure your reservation to lock in an optimal time. 


    The menu changes depending on the week and will be revealed each Wednesday. Just like any restaurant, we will accommodate all allergies and food aversions.